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10Xing Your Content with AI et al.

Happy Friday!

Picking up where we left off…

Content is (likely) a problem for you and your company.

How do I know? Because it is for mine - and we run a marketing agency.

The content formula is simple:

Publish more content. Get more attention.


How can we leverage AI and other tools to help us do this without creating a bunch of junk?

We don’t want just any attention.

We want the right attention.

Well, we are getting much closer to making this a reality.

Fun Fact: Joel is the CEO of Buffer.com. Buffer is used by 140k+ people to distribute content on social media - which is highly relevant to this initiative.

It started with the content flowchart to visualize what is possible and what the requirements are to do it right:

It might be difficult to read on mobile… but here’s a closer view of the simplified flow chart (keep reading for the high res version).

Here’s the gist:

There are 4 main types of content:

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Text

  • Image

Long-form video gives us the most options when it comes to repurposing and distribution. You can turn one long-form video into upwards of 30 pieces of individual content…audio files, blog articles, LinkedIn posts, etc.

While long-form video is the best source of content, it’s not the only option.

For example, short-form video is trending up FAST but one issue we have is that long-form video is typically shot in 16:9 (landscape) but short-form video is shot in 9:16 (portrait).

You can “letterbox” wide video for vertical and vice versa, but to do both long-form and short-form well, ideally, you have either two different source videos or shoot the same thing with two different cameras - one wide and one vertical.

You can see this gets complicated quickly.

We don’t want it complicated.

We want it as simple as possible.

So we mapped out the entire system from start to finish, including all the tools and connections required for 10Xing your content distribution and automation.

The majority of the connections will be completely automated.

We’re harnessing ChatGPT, MidJourney, Zapier, Buffer, and Cloud Storage to schedule and distribute content.

After some heavy lifting to get it set up, we are expecting it to run pretty smoothly.

This is a work in progress. You are getting the play-by-play here exclusively.

We designed the flowchart to be as intuitive as possible (color and shape coded with a legend) but we will dive into this process during a video walkthrough soon.

You can try to view it on mobile but if possible fire up this link (below) on a desktop if you want to see a glimpse of the future!

If you’re on mobile but want to see it on desktop copy the link and send it to yourself via text or email and then open it on a larger monitor. Or goto thebottomline.ai and navigate to the most recent newsletter issue.

Use Ctrl/Command + / - to zoom in and out.

We are working overtime to create a real-world example of how this works - in reality - and will share it as soon as possible.

Can you imagine trying to compete against a competitor who is leveraging this system? Can you picture where this is going?

Til next week!


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