How do you find the time? (Shhh it's a secret.)

Whenever you're stuck - just ask ChatGPT

We have a three-day holiday weekend for Memorial Day here in the US and we’ll keep this one light (but actionable).

Hope everybody is doing great.

- Alan

Three neat things you can use ChatGPT for:

1. Analyze your financials
2. Analyze your content
3. Create your schedule

1. Income Statements, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets, etc.

You can literally just copy and paste the Excel data as is into ChatGPT and ask it to make sense of it and provide insights.

It won’t replace anyone in the accounting/finance department but it can provide some powerful insights or answers that enable you to be more self-reliant.

Need help learning? It can create a custom curriculum for you to learn them.

Say something like:

“I have one hour per day to learn how to understand [Blank] and only want resources that are audio/written/video. Please create a 5-day beginner course with 100% free content tailored to my needs.”

And boom, it will source the info in a logical order for you to easily follow.

One more example here is you can map out where to focus your efforts by looking at longer time horizons.

Here’s an example of an opportunity cost analysis over a five-year time horizon:

2. Let’s say you post frequently on Twitter or LinkedIn and want to glean some feedback on your content.

My first attempt was to do it all manually and then Georg came in with a great tip:

It can determine your main topic categories, the weights and percentages, and evaluate which types get better engagement among other things to help you create better content.

Here’s an example of just copy/pasting the raw post content right from LinkedIn as is, comments, and all. No need to clean it up:

To take this next level you can copy in other people’s content and ask ChatGPT to analyze that and then compare it to your content to spot differences.

For example, I noticed I post on about 3-4 topics whereas my favorite creators post upwards of 75% of all their content around one topic - which correlates directly to what they’re selling.

3. Create a calendar.

Just like how we had ChatGPT create a custom curriculum above, you can do the same with your calendar.

Here’s an example you can give ChatGPT:

  • Call with Don from 10-10:30

  • Travel time from 1:30 to 2:30

  • Gym for 60-90 minutes before 1:30

  • Two quick emails, one to Sally and another to Bob

  • Spend 2-3 hours focusing on one big task

  • Marketing and Sales activity from 3:00 to 6pm

  • 15 minutes for lunch.

Please organize the day and provide a schedule.

This example above is rough but here’s another way it can be useful.

Let’s say you only have 4 hours to create a Youtube video.

You need to plan the video, shoot the video, edit the video, create the caption, and thumbnail, and upload it all in 4 hours:

ChatGPT will help you stay on track with your deadline:

Hope you enjoyed these few example tips.

There are endless variations to think of but these have been quite useful.

Whenever you have a question you're stuck on don’t forget to just ask ChatGPT - but be careful about entering in anything too private or personal.

Have a great weekend!


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