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2 🔮 AI Trends To Watch - Don’t miss this

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AI Things To Know 👇️


There’s A LOT of confusion around the accuracy of ChatGPT and how gets its answers.

Let me help clear this up for you with this incredible analogy from Nick Dobos.

*An LLM is a Large Language Model, ChatGPT’s type of A.I. technology

In Nick’s analogy, the “X # of people surveyed” in simple terms is all the publicly available information online - information that’s prone to bias and human error.

If you’re interested, to further illustrate this point, here’s a video illustration posted by Brian Roemmele of how LLMs like ChatGPT sift through information to derive their answers:

AI Business Use Cases 👇️

  • Save money on attorneys. 💵 

    ChatGPT is helping businesses reduce attorney fees by producing a plethora of business-related legal documents.

    *Not legal advice, but people are doing it with favorable outcomes.

  • Appeal an insurance denial. 🖊️ 

    The New York Times published an article “35 Ways Real People Are Using A.I. Right Now”. (Link →)

    There are a lot of fun use cases in the article like writing fitness plans, creating dinner recipes, etc. but this example was the most beneficial for businesses:

AI Business News 👇️

  • It’s Official: Elon is entering the AI race with X.AI. 🤖 

    Quick refresher: Elon was a primary investor of OpenAI, (the creator of ChatGPT) which started out as a non-profit and leveraged Elon’s namesake to grow the company then cut him out and turned it into a for-profit organization. (Link→)

  • ChatGPT Starting To Go Mainstream 🏀 

    The NBA Playoffs ran a playoffs promo with Jack Harlow asking:

    “What does AI know about the playoffs?”

AI Cool Happenings 👇️

  • AI-Generated Video Game (MUST WATCH) 🎮️ 

    Despite much pushback from people not believing it’s not real-life footage - this is a video game 🤯 

  • AI-Generated Music is Here - And it’s Good. 🎵 

    Drake’s new song goes viral online - except he didn’t create it - a producer/fan of Drake’s that goes by Lvcci made the song using AI tools that cloned Drake’s voice, wrote the lyrics, and laid them over a custom beat.

    HUGE speculation about how artists will adapt to the incoming wave of ‘deep fake’ songs.

    YouTube has arguably the best copyright filter, but since these songs are technically originals, the filter isn’t catching them…yet.

AI Trends to Watch 👇️

  • Existing AI tools are JUST THE FIRST WAVE of the set. 🌊 

    The next wave will combine multiple technologies.

    This is also why I stress rolling your sleeves up and testing these tools now because they build on each other.

    This week, tech legend and Silicon Valley icon Robert Scoble stressed on Twitter Spaces that “glasses are coming.”

    Sure enough, a couple of days later we saw Apple has plans to roll out glasses and headsets that combine AI + Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.

    Rumor has it they are incredible and Apple will integrate headsets, phones, watches, etc.

    Will keep an eye on this for you.

  • AI Twitter Spaces are going great 🐣 

    Last week I spoke about the growing popularity of my hosted AI Twitter Spaces.

    *Twitter spaces are live audio chat rooms.

    This trend continues and I’m getting offers to contribute to larger spaces as well. Behind Elon, Mario Nawfal is the host of the largest spaces on Twitter, and getting invited to the panel during his AI conversations is an awesome experience.

    This has been very helpful as these Spaces have many bright minds sharing info in real-time.

    If you’re not on Twitter, it’s a great platform to check out.

    And if you’re on Twitter, stop by!

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