Google Search Usage Dropping Among Early AI Adopters

ChatGPT Becoming Their Default Search Engine of Choice


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3 🤖 AI Use Cases
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2 😍 AI Cool Happenings
2 🔮 AI Trends To Watch

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AI: Use Cases 👇️ 

  • Meet the workers using ChatGPT to take on multiple full-time jobs - and their employers have NO idea. 👀 This trend has sparked new life into a subreddit category that became popular during corona known as “r/overemployed” (Link →)

  • An attorney leverages ChatGPT to reduce costs and save time. While not an ‘official’ news source, many such cases are popping up, and are a great example that the news around deflationary pressures on knowledge workers might be premature. 👇️ 

  • AutoGPTs (et al) have exploded onto the scene. 💥 As Nathan Lands succinctly states below, They have been “designed to automate GPT-4 tasks, enabling the creation of agents that complete tasks for you without any intervention.” Much more to come here stay tuned 👇️ 

AI: Business News 👇️

  • Elon reportedly spends tens of millions of dollars on 10,000 GPUs (Graphics processing units) to train Twitter AI. Speculation around his urge to compete with OpenAI. (Link →)

  • Amazon makes its first major generative AI announcement with ‘Amazon Bedrock’. This move sees Amazon joining other enterprises such as NVIDIA, OpenAI, and Microsoft in the AI ‘gold rush’. (Link →)

  • Stanford University releases Artificial Intelligence 2023 Report. The 300+ page report provides detailed data and insights on how Fortune 500 companies are benefitting from AI - and the results are OVERWHELMINGLY positive. Read the full report (Link →) or get the simplified summary here 👇️ 

AI: Cool Happenings 👇️ 

  • A proposal by a team of top marine biologists, computer scientists & linguists for learning to communicate with sperm whales using AI. 🐋 This news has sparked discussions from people hoping they will be able to communicate with their pets someday. (Link →)

  • AI Artist uses ChatGPT to create an Augmented Reality video game on his iPhone 🤯 Must See! Click Play 👇️ 

AI: Trends to Watch 👇️ 

  • Google search usage dropping among early adopters as ChatGPT becomes their default search engine.

  • Our AI Twitter Spaces (Live Audio Group Chats) are growing in popularity reaching 100’s of people with dozens of contributors from a wide range of backgrounds, skills, demographics, locations, and career stages all sharing practical insights on leveraging AI for business applications. Follow me on Twitter to be notified of future events.
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