One Big Thing AI CAN'T Do

Challenges to staying on brand with AI


In case you haven’t been following along…

We’ve been chipping away at an ambitious project to automate large portions of our content marketing and distribution with AI.

Here’s an overview:

The big idea is to create a long-form video from which we extract the audio for podcasts, transcribe and summarize the audio to create a blog post, and down the line to LinkedIn posts, Tweets, etc.

And do it all (or mostly) with AI and automation triggers like a modern version of a “Rube Goldberg” machine:

In theory, this sounds great and there are many parts of this process that we can in fact automate.

But here’s a major obstacle that AI CAN’T do:

It can’t stay “On Brand.”

This goes for both visual identity and message.

Most reputable companies have a well-defined “brand guide” like this one for our agency that keeps everything we touch looking uniform.

Brand Guidelines

From business cards, to the website, to flyers, to social media posts, etc everything stays within the exact guardrails defined in the guidelines.


Because repetition is a key ingredient in marketing.

When company collateral lacks cohesion across web / print / and physical it’s much harder to be ‘sticky’ or memorable in the eyes of the market.

(This goes for tone and voice as well in the copy as well btw).

There is currently no way to input our brand guidelines as a baseline to be used by AI to generate content and that is a major obstacle for quality brands.

Nevertheless, we are still seeing this though and rolling up everything we can do and will keep you posted on both the what and the how.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. If you don’t have a super sharp brand guide we love creating them!
Email me at [email protected] 

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