Purple Elephants Dancing on the Moon?

Using AI to Unleash Your Imagination


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“Purple elephants with tophats dancing on the moon ”

We spend a lot of time in business focused on left-brain activities.

Numbers, goals, targets, efficiency, sales, deadlines, etc.

But last week’s issue really got me thinking about the importance of “soft skills” like creativity and imagination…

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In business and life, we perform much better when working towards manifesting a vision.

Quick little back story for reference….

We created a custom flyer months in advance for a business promo event we hosted on a party boat by dreaming up a vision of what an ideal event would look like:

We created a scene with blue water, palm trees, sunshine, a lighthouse, etc.

But the day before the event, there were ferocious thunderstorms all day with lightning bolts crashing down and exploding all around the event site.

The forecasts for the time of the event were predicted to be much of the same.

Things were looking bleak but we held on to that vision we created for the flyer.

Here’s a screen grab from the drone video of the event:

It’s probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments. But by not focusing solely on event metrics and having a clear vision that we could hold onto helped us manifest this vision into reality.

And that’s one of the most exciting benefits of AI. It offers an array of tools to help us do just that.

These tools can sharpen and enhance our imagination.

My favorite tool for this is MidJourney.

In MidJourney or MJ for short, you can create an image of just about ANYTHING you can imagine.

In fact, the “prompt” that you use to create images starts with “/imagine”

Here are a couple of quick examples of putting imagination into action with the help of MidJourney:

Prompt: /imagine a hyper-realistic landscape of a futuristic world with incredibly smooth architecture bordering a beautiful blue water shoreline

“Promenade by the Sea”

Prompt: /imagine a view from a running trail parallelling a winding beach in the early afternoon sunshine overlooking the topical blue ocean with tropical green vegetation, awe-inspiring

“Hidden gem”

Prompt: /imagine an ultra-realistic minimalist CEO office desk with a sleek setup overlooking the tropical blue ocean with mountains on either side of the water

“Time to focus”

As you can see, I love the ocean.

But to each their own.

For example, Smoke-away is known for his amazing Sci-Fi images of a multi-planetary civilization.

And Chet can flex his imagination with the best of ‘em:

Picture yourself climbing to the top of that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb.

Scuba diving around the lost city of Atlantis.

Flying in your private jet to Italy for an exquisite dinner overlooking a vineyard.

All you’ve got to do is fire up MidJourney and let your imagination run wild.

Then use those images to help you hold onto a vision to shape your own reality.

Closing out with the classic from John Lennon: Imagine

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

See you next week. Ping me with any questions or comments on getting started with MJ (I’m not affiliated in any way but just personally use it).

Also, don’t forget you can upgrade for a private AI Business Strategy consultation.

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